Show You Care

Join our ‘Show You Care’ Campaign

Show you care hearts


Connecting with other people has never been more important for our wellbeing. During lockdown, when we can’t physically be with our friends and neighbours, we must find different ways of doing this.  

We are therefore launching a new campaign for Warwickshire called ‘Show you Care’ and would love you to be part of it and share it with our communities. We are encouraging our residents to display a picture of a heart in their window, or share it on social media, as a tangible sign that they are thinking of others in the pandemic.  

Displaying or sharing a heart can mean many things, but could include: 

  • I care about our key workers 
  • I care about my neighbours 
  • I care about my grandparents who I haven’t been able to see 
  • I care about missing my school friends and teachers. 

What can you do? 

  • Share the attached templates with your customers, residents, partners, community groups etc. 
  • Ask them to colour or decorate them, or print the ‘ready to use’ versions 
  • Encourage them to take photos of them and send these into either the Warwickshire Libraries or Warwickshire Fire & Service social media accounts so that they can be shared further, and share them on their own social media accountspossibly with their story of who they are especially thinking about 
  • Encourage them to display their coloured hearts in a prominent place e.g. in their window 
  • Use the hashtags #ShowYouCare and #BestWarwickshire to accompany the pictures on social media. 

To help you do this, we have templates of hearts for sharing and colouring:

We are planning to release further updates on the campaign next week, including sharing the news of the campaign with the media. In the meantime, please do share the graphics and the campaign, and if you have any ideas of how we can extend the reach even further, do let us know.