Modern Foreign Languages

Why not take the opportunity to learn a new language or learn about life in other countries!

Here are some suggestions as to what to do:

  • Make a poster in English all about France/Germany/Spain. You could include: population, food, drinks, flag, tourist attractions, interesting facts, famous people, festivals, Geography, etc.


  • Create your own French/German/Spanish magazine. You could include a front cover, a contents page, a word search, a quiz, a crossword, a French/German/Spanish text with questions to answer.

  • Make a French/German/Spanish phrase book with useful vocabulary in.

  • Watch French/German/Spanish films on Netflix/YOUTUBE with English subtitles. Look at the DVDs you have as some may have the option of watching them in French/German/Spanish with English subtitles.

  • Watch ‘Asterix and the twelve tasks’ in French with English subtitles (Astérix et les 12 tâches/travaux’) on Netflix or YouTube and answer the quiz questions in English (see below).

  • Practise basic vocabulary like days of the week, months, numbers, colours, with family members.

  • Use the app DUOLINGO to practise your French/German/Spanish.

  • Do this French and Spanish five minute fitness video:

  • Practise using the following websites:



Astérix et les 12 tâches : première partie

1. What letters do all the Gallic names end in?

2. Who were the enemies of the Gauls?

3. In which year was the film set?

4. Who was the ruler of almost all of Gaul?

5. What is the job of Vitalstatistix?

6. Who is the best warrior in the village?

7. Why have the Romans not been able to conquer the village?

8. Why do the Romans think they haven’t been able to conquer the village?

9. Why is Obelix so strong?

10. What does Julius Caesar decide to do?

11. Vocabulary: How do you say “gods” in French?

12. What does Caesar suggest to Vitalstatistix?

13. What is Task 1?

14. What is Task 2?






Astérix et les 12 tâches : deuxième partie

1. What is Task 3?

2. How do they win Task 3?

3. What is Task 4?

4. Why does Task 4 become difficult?

5. What is the island called?

6. Vocabulary: What is the French for “eat”? (5 points)

7. What is Task 5?

8. Vocabulary: What is the French for “cat”? (5 points)

9. Vocabulary: What is the French for “bird”? (5 points)

10. Vocabulary: What is the French for “wild boar”? (5 points)

11. What does Obelix have to do in Task 6?

12. Vocabulary: What is the French for “cow”? (5 points)

13. Vocabulary: What is the French for “camel”? (5 points)

14. Why does the druid think that Vitalstatistix will never be ruler of Rome?

15. Vocbaulary : What is the French for “beast”? (5 points)

16. Listen for « Vous êtes combien ? ». What is this in English? (5 points)







Astérix et les 12 tâches : troisième partie

1. French: How do you say hungry?

2. What happened to the beast?

3. What does Task 8 involve?

4. French: How do you say Permit A-38?

5. Why don’t they go through the last door on the right?

6. What does Obelix think IV means? What does it actually mean?

7. French: How do you say Window 2?

8. Why is it so difficult to get the attention of the lady at Window 2?

9. What colour form do they need to get to get Permit A-38? Where do they need to go now?

10. Why do you think everyone goes mad in this building?

11. Why would the magic potion not work in this building?

12. What is Asterix’s cunning plan? Does it work?

13. How does Caesar get the gladiators to be quiet?

14. French: How do you say crocodile?

15. What was Task 9?

16. Listen for « le vénérable du sommet ». What is this in English ?







Astérix et les 12 tâches : quatrième partie

1. Vocabulary: How do you say riddle in French?

2. What was the riddle?

3. Vocabulary: How do you say plain in French?

4. What’s the problem with spending the night on the plain?

5. Vocabulary: How do you say good night in French?

6. Who are the ghosts?

7. Where do Asterix and Obelix wake up?

8. Vocabulary: How do you say magic potion in French?

9. Name as many animals mentioned by Caesar’s guard as you can (in French!)

10. What does Caesar have planned for the Gauls?

11. When does Caesar finally give in?

12. Vocabulary: What does “Tout est permi!” mean in English?