Book Week at Newburgh

7th October 2016

Newburgh BOOK WEEK 2016

During Book Week we had a 'Reading Swop' where children went to visit other classrooms to share their books.
Lots of children at Newburgh School dressed up as their favourite book character to celebrate Book Week
During Book Week, Upper School studied a poem by the famous poet, Edgar Allen Poe.  It is called The Raven and it is a creepy poem written in the 1800’s.  In it, a man goes mad.  He thinks he is being haunted by a woman called Lenore but she comes in the form of a Raven.  It had lots of difficult language in it.  We had to decipher what the poem was saying, investigate its meter by counting syllables and then we performed it.
We also studied another famous poet from the 1800’s.  We learned about William Wordworth ‘s I Wandered Lonely As  A Cloud.  It is about a beautiful crowd of daffodils he once saw.  We investigated poetic techniques and made some beautiful daffodil art.  Come and see our display in the library!
Year 5 used lots of different types of figurative language to write their own poems called THE KISS. These poems were based on a short film they saw about a Solar Eclipse. They imagined the moon was moving towards the sun, waiting for a kiss.

In Lower School we had a look at the Jabberwocky

These are some pictures showing children who are using Talk for Writing to learn and perform the Jabberwocky Poem.

Below are some photos from Year 1's book week costumes, reading swop and soundscape photos.