Anti bullying

Welcome to a very different kind of assembly!

So much has changed for schools and young people because of COVID-19.

As students all over the UK return to schools and lessons, join The Diana Award and Nationwide Building Society as we come together, welcome one another back and remind everyone of the need for mutual respect in our schools and communities.
Together, we will pledge to put an end to bullying, celebrate diversity and create communities of kindness.
It’s going to be
Bullying is never OK at Newburgh! It is OK to tell if you are feeling bullied and ask for help from your trusted adults.
Remember to use "Stop it Please" if you would like someone to stop doing something that makes you feel sad or scared. Tell an adult if they do not stop. If the adult doesn't listen, keep telling until they do!
Several children provide an introduction to bullying. There are two types of bullying - emotional bullying (excluding people and unkind remarks) and physical bullying (violence). The children explain the effects of bullying on them and how it makes them feel.
Talk about what things in this clip tell us that she got bullied. What things did the bully do to hurt this little girl? Talk about what bullying looks like. How did she find a way to stop the bully? How did the bully make her feel? Where can the children go in their school to talk about being bullied? Why is it important to tell a teacher if you think you are being bullied? Reflect upon how the little girl gives advice about what happens if a teacher doesn’t listen first time. This tells the children to persevere and gives hope.