Medication in School

Prescription medicines - Any prescription medicine to be administered during the school day must be supplied to us in the original pharmacist's container and be accompanied by a 'Consent for the administration of PRESCRIBED medication in school’ form which is available from the school office.

National guidance encourages GP’s and other prescribers to use medicines which can be taken outside school hours. Please bear this in mind when visiting your doctor.

Asthma - Children who have a diagnosis of Asthma should be be provided with an inhaler and spacer which can be kept in school in case of need.  Inhalers are kept in the classroom under the supervision of staff.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that inhalers are in date, and we therefore encourage you to make a note of expiry dates before handing them in to school.

Under no circumstances should children bring medicines into school and keep them in their school bag.