Free School Meals


Did you know, that if your child qualifies for Free School Meals, your school receives an additional £1,385 every year? In the current school year, your school has been able to claim almost £85,000 which is a significant sum indeed. If you visit the Key Information section you will be able to see how we have spent this money over the past school year.

Presently, all children in Reception or Years 1 and 2 already receive a free meal at school. However, if your combined family income is less than £16,190 per year – that’s less that £311.34 per week – you can apply for Free School Meals, which might seem a bit odd, but which then enables your school to collect this extra sum of money (it’s called Pupil Premium Grant) which by law must be used for the benefit of children whose parents have applied for Free School Meals. Therefore, if you qualify to receive Free School Meals, your child will benefit directly as a result. Even if your child prefers to take a packed lunch to school every day, you can still apply, and your school will benefit.

Your combined family income includes wages, plus any benefits you may be receiving such as job seeker’s allowance, income support or child tax credits, etc.

Nobody in school knows (other than those who need to) which children receive Free School Meals currently. We obviously don’t treat children whose parents have applied for Free School Meals any differently from other children. They are not identified in any way, and they won’t even know themselves unless you tell them.

If you think you qualify for Free School Meals, the application process is very simple and involves a two minute phone call which our office staff can help you with. Just ask the office staff or call the Free School Meal team on 01926 359189.

You can also apply online at

Thank you for your help. This really is something which has a direct impact on children’s experiences in school. Please strongly consider applying if you think you may be entitled to receive Free School Meals.