Happy New Year

3rd January 2021

Happy New Year!
We continue to live through very extraordinary times and much uncertainty. There is much discussion on the media and on social media regarding the return to school and I know that you may be feeling fearful and confused.  Our risk assessments and procedures have been updated following the latest guidance and we intend to reopen to all our children on Tuesday 5th January. I will, of course, keep you updated with any changes as soon as I can.
Please take note of changes to entry and exit times and keep strictly to times. Please help us to keep everyone as safe as possible by wearing a face covering and not congregating and conversing with other on or just outside the school grounds.
A phone call or email remains the safest way to  communicate with staff at the current time and please continue to not drop off forgotten items as this increases the movement around the school and with it the risks that this brings.
Thank you for your support and understanding and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.
Kind regards,
Mrs Simpkins