Year Groups

Week beginning 28.09.20
This week would normally be when we invite parents and relative to school to join with us in a celebration of Harvest Time. Please look out for the presentations being sent to you later this week.
During the lockdown period rainbows appeared everywhere as a symbol of unity and hope. In this week's assembly we look at being healthy and the importance of the 'Harvest Rainbow'
  1. Ask the children to help make the rainbow appear. Explain that the first colour of a rainbow is red. Invite them to identify some red fruit and begin to create the display on the table by asking the children to place some strawberries together with the red apple on the blue cloth, at the bottom left corner. 

    Continue with the oranges, melon, banana, lemon, green apples and so on, placing them in colour order so that the harvest rainbow forms. Comment that few fruits are coloured blue or indigo, but introduce the dish of blueberries and, finally, two different shades of purple with the grapes and plums.

  2. As you do this, take time to introduce the fruits in turn. Note their different shapes and sizes. With older children, discuss where and how are they grown.

  3. Reflect that the harvest rainbow is bright and healthy! Fruit is good for us to eat.

    It contains the fresh vitamins and fibre needed to keep our bodies strong and well.
One of our Newburgh values is to 'Be Healthy'