Hot weather precautions

14th July 2022


As you will be aware the weather is forecast  to be extremely hot over the next few days. 

Please can we take this opportunity to remind you of things which will help your child/ren: 

  •     Please ensure children have a named water bottle for use throughout the day - there are cold water fountains in school which children have access to.  
  •     Please apply sunscreen to children – ideally, high factor once a day type or if sending in with your child then please ensure this is 'stick' type (named) and can be applied by children themselves. 
  •     If your child is happy to wear one, then please provide a cap/hat (clearly named) 
  •     Please consider clothing - no sweatshirts/cardigans 

In school we will be following government guidance   

  •     Children will not take part in vigorous physical activity when temperatures are high and breaktimes and lunchtimes will be decided on a daily basis taking into consideration outside temperatures. 
  •     Children will be encouraged to stay in the shade as much as possible when outside and keep clothing loose. 
  •     Staff will encourage pupils to drink plenty of water and refill bottles regularly. 
  •     School will be ventilated as much as possible by opening windows and doors as early as possible and use areas in school which are known to be cooler.