20th March 2023

In assembly today  we spoke about our Newburgh values, in particular being  'Happy and Healthy', as today is International Day of Happiness.

How Can We Make Happiness a Priority in Our Life?

  • spend time with people who make us feel good, we trust and who treat us and our feelings with kindness and respect;
  • choose to do activities that make us feel good and keep our bodies healthy;

  • choose to do activities that help us feel calm, relaxed and settled;

  • talk about our feelings with an adult we trust if we are struggling for any reason at all and ask for help;

  • learn new things and say yes to new opportunities and experiences;

  • learn to love and appreciate the person we are and not try to be like anyone else.

  • make time to say thank you and be grateful for the positive things in our life;

  • help and be kind to others
How Can We Help Others to Feel Good on the Inside?
  • Value and appreciate who they are and respect how they choose to live their life;
  • live in a way that is considerate to others and the world we all share
  • smile at them :-)

  • listen to their thoughts, ideas and feelings;

  • include them in things we are doing;

  • say thank you;

  • be welcoming