Mental Health Awareness Week

15th May 2023

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Mental Health Awareness Week, Stress Awareness Week, Mindfulness

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Get ready for Mental Health Awareness Week

The cost of living crisis is affecting the mental health of millions. The uncertainty of watching as our costs spiral can be difficult to bear, and for so many of us, looking after our mental health is often last on our list.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to let each other know that support is out there. To help everyone feel more able to cope.

Support the campaign

Download our resources and share with friends and family on your social media in the lead up to and during the week in May. By raising awareness and spreading the word, you can help inspire people to reach out for support.

We can’t fix the cost of living crisis – but we can help each other cope.

If this speaks to you, or someone you know, support Mind this Mental Health Awareness Week.

Download the resources


Stress Awareness Week



Stress Awareness Week

Sometimes, a small amount of stress can help us to complete tasks and feel more energised. But stress can become a problem when it lasts for a long time or is very intense. In some cases, stress can affect our physical and mental health

Acute stress happens within a few minutes to a few hours of an event. It lasts for a short period of time, usually less than a few weeks, and is very intense.

Chronic stress lasts for a long period of time or keeps coming back. You might experience this if you are under lots of pressure a lot of the time.

Stress can cause mental health problems. And it can make existing problems worse.

This Stress Awareness Month, we want to help you manage stress and build your resilience.

Tips for managing stress




The way we think, and what we think about, can affect how we feel and act. Mindfulness is a technique you can learn which involves noticing what's happening in the present moment, without judgement. You might take notice and be aware of your mind, body or surroundings.

Mindfulness aims to help you:

- Feel calmer and less stressed

- Feel more able to choose how to respond to your thoughts and feelings

- Cope with difficult or unhelpful thoughts

- Be kinder towards yourself

Studies show that mindfulness can help to manage common mental health problems like depression, anxiety and feelings of stress.

Many people find practicing mindfulness helps them manage their day-to-day wellbeing, but it doesn't always work for everyone.

Is mindfulness right for you?



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