The Lost Sheep

Year Groups

Week beginning 21.09.20
This week's assembly has a broadly Christian theme.
Jesus often told stories with a hidden meaning, a meaning that teaches us something important about God. Read or tell the parable of the lost sheep, using Matthew 18.12-14 or Luke 15.4-7, or from e.g. the Lion Children's Bible, p. 200. Show the pictures of sheep, if you have them.

Time for reflection

What was the hidden meaning of that story? What was Jesus saying about God? We are all very special to God. He wants us to know he cares for us, just as much as that shepherd cared for his sheep.

No matter what your belief - you are special and unique! Your teachers, friends and families know that everyone is different and care about you as an individual.

What can you do this week to make someone feel cared for and special?