Whole school STOMP workshops

15th October 2023

We are excited to share an upcoming event which will be taking place this Wednesday (18th October).  

This is a free workshop for pupils and all they need to do is attend school on Wednesday in their PE and have fun! 

During the school day, the whole school will have the opportunity to take part in a STOMP hands and feet dance workshop with Pete Francis. Pete has danced since he was 8 years old and progressed to the Northern Ballet School until he was 16. At 18 he was then offered a scholarship at the London Contemporary Dance School before completing his training at ballet Rambert. 

Pete successfully auditioned against 4,000 people where he then became 1 out of 14 in the company STOMP. Pete travelled the world in the famous show and is now teaching the famous STOMP hands and feet technique. The children will be stamping and clapping their way through a unique dance class.