1st December 2017



Since snow is such a rarity these days, a lot of parents and children at Newburgh will never have experienced what happens when an emergency closure decision has to be made.

A decision to close the school is never taken lightly and will only be made in the most severe of circumstances, where it is felt that the safety of both pupils and staff could be at significant risk.

As we approach a period of possible snowfall we would like to bring your attention to the methods in which we advise parents of a school emergency closure. Wherever possible the decision to close will be made by 7am and we would ask parents to check the school website: (www.newburghprimaryschool.co.uk) in the first instance.

You may also choose to visit


Here you can sign up for text alerts and link to a Twitter feed from the local authority for school closures.

We will also send an eSchools message to all families as soon as a decision is made.