Meet the Governors

  • Mr Ron Binnie

    Chair of Governors

    I became a Governor of Newburgh Primary School when my grandson was a pupil here (he’s now a teenager) shortly before Mr Smith was appointed as Head Teacher. As a former secondary teacher and with a background in educational publishing, I have always had a keen interest in education and learning, and being a governor has given me the opportunity to develop my interest as well as to have an influence on how the school is run. I love being involved in school life, and to see how the children develop from their first days in school through to year six. Although not part of my governance role, I am also deeply involved in the musical life of the school which gives me an opportunity to get to know many of the children.

  • Mrs Anna Meredith

    Vice-chair and Parent Governor

    I have been a governor for three years now and have two children in the school, a daughter in Year 6 and a son in Year 4. I really enjoy having extra input into Newburgh and feel very privileged to be part of the decision-making and strategic reviewing that goes on ‘backstage’, behind the day-to-day running of the school. I’m a secondary school English teacher with particular responsibility for Key Stage 3 so I have a good understanding of the education system and where our children are heading after Year 6. For this reason I am always keen to be linked to any literacy focus on our improvement plan (this year I am overseeing progress in Writing) and I have the responsibility for overseeing data and the progress our pupils make each year. I am also one of the link governors for the Special Educational Needs Department.

  • Mr Rob Hughes

    Parent Governor

    I have been a parent governor at Newburgh since January 2014 and I am the proud father of two children who attend Newburgh Primary School. I became a governor as I wanted to have an understanding of how my children’s school operates and to try to do something to make a difference and assist with the running of the school. My areas of governance are SEND (Special Needs Department) and also attendance. Being a governor has really opened my eyes to the demands placed on staff and pupils within our school and I thoroughly enjoy being involved with the governing body.

  • Mrs Sally Nowak

    Parent Governor

    I have been a parent governor at Newburgh since October 2016 and have 2 boys currently at the school in years 4 and 2 and a couple of youngers boys who will be starting in 2018. I became a parent governor because I wanted to become involved in the school and have the opportunity to make a difference, not only for my children, but for children in years to come.

    I work as a GP in South Warwickshire and also as GP inspector for the Care Quality Commission so I have been involved in regulations, policies and targets in healthcare. I have taken on the role as Safeguarding
    governor and also the literacy learning improvement plan for KS1.

  • Mrs Victoria Davies

    Parent Governor

    My role as a parent governor began in June 2018 and I currently have a son about to start in Year 1 and another in the Newburgh pipeline. I chose to become a governor to connect to this huge part of my children’s lives and to take an active role in supporting the school to achieve all it can.

    My background is in Criminology which led me to work for two US law enforcement agencies before moving to the private sector to de-risk financial institutions. I work daily with policies and frameworks and am proud to be part of the team that ensures the wellbeing, education and safe guarding of all of our children.

  • Mrs Raman Gurnani

    Co-opted governor

    I joined Newburgh Primary school as a governor in May 2016 and feel honoured to be part of it.

    After serving the health and social care sector as a nurse for 19 years, I moved to the education sector and worked at Warwickshire College for 6 years and now work for an exam board. I also have my own business offering first aid qualifications and health and social care training. This varied experience has cemented my belief that good education is an important part of individual development and it is not only our role to realise and enhance their potential but also to create such opportunities that allow them to enhance their experience.

    I have lived in the local area for 20 years and raised my two boys who attended local primary and secondary schools, where I also volunteered between 1996 till 2010 in varied roles including PTA committee member and organising school events. This was a great learning experience for me which helped me to understand the education system and the challenges schools face in the forever changing landscape.

    I cannot think of a better way to give something back to the community and look forward to supporting my local school to achieve its best and do the best by its students.

  • Mrs Rebecca Poole

    Co-opted Governor

    I have been a governor for the past three years. I find the role interesting and challenging and am aware of the responsibility that the position holds. Being a member of staff (TA) I experience first-hand the impact of decisions made and how they affect children and staff. My daughter was a pupil at Newburgh so I appreciate the hopes, expectations, concerns and aspirations a parent has for their child in our care. I am responsible for Governor Training and oversee the Governors’ Corner in our newsletter which I hope you enjoy reading.

  • Mrs Janice Simpkins


    In April 2019, I was proud to be appointed as the Headteacher of Newburgh Primary School. Having taught part time at the school for many years, while my own children were young, I was delighted to take the opportunity to continue my full time career within the school as the Deputy Headteacher in 2011.
    I am passionate about giving all children, whatever their background or needs, the opportunity to thrive and succeed within a caring, supportive but challenging environment. I enjoy finding new ways to enhance our school and curriculum to enable us to work with parents in giving each of our children the best possible foundations and opportunities in life.

  • Mrs Karen Turner

    Deputy Headteacher/Teacher Governor

    I became a staff governor 5 years ago, as I was keen to be involved in the wider aspects of decision-making for our school. I enjoy using my knowledge of our pupils’ daily lives to mould the school’s Learning Improvement Plan to suit each child. Being a class teacher at Newburgh for more than 10 years has given me a unique insight into the development of the school. As a governor I am more able to help shape the lives of the many children who embrace learning in school. My two children (now in further education) continue to influence my perspective on life and education. Seeing them grow has given me the knowledge and experience I need so that I may instil crucial life skills in the children that pass through our doors.